From the Pastor – Lesson for July 10, 2016: A Recipe for Disaster

It is a hand-printed recipe on a yellow, faded three by five index card mottled with egg white and butter stains.  It’s been in my wife’s family for four generations.  She calls them “speedy rolls”, but it’s really just a recipe for homemade bread.  And although Dawn no longer needs to look up the ingredients–a…

From the Pastor – June 2016

From the June Spire: (John Whearty, a longtime member and leader of our congregation, passed away on May12.  Below are excerpts from Pastor Kevan’s funeral sermon for John.) In a little book entitled Craddock Stories, an east Tennessee professor and preacher once told how his mother took him to church and Sunday school, but his…

From the Pastor – May 2016

From the May Spire: Twenty-four years ago, I called Dr. Ben Carson.  Back then, he wasn’t a one-time presidential candidate lampooned by late night comedians as a rather soporific, slothful savant, prone to promoting somewhat crazy theories about the pyramids or slavery and insurance.  Anyway, I didn’t call him for political reasons; I called him…

From the Pastor – April 2016

From the April Spire: This morning marks the 31st Sunday that I have preached an Easter sermon.  Think of it.  Thirty-one weeks of my life (and not just Saturday nights!) spent agonizing over the most important Sunday of the year. You’d think after the fifth Easter or the tenth or twentieth sermon on this holiest…

VUMC Nursery School Registration

Registration for Valhalla United Methodist Nursery School classes for September 2016-2017 has begun. Interested in the school’s program? Call Lois Whartenby – 914-289-0489. For more information about our nursery school click here.

From the Pastor – February 2016

From the February 2016 Spire:  For two weeks in early January, my gym is filled to the brim with the resolutioners.  You know who they are?  The folks that determinedly made a New Year’s resolution of losing weight, getting fit, and working out on a regular basis.  And they keep their resolution–for two long weeks….

Pastor’s December/January Message

Christmas.  1984.  It wasn’t as bad as George Orwell’s novel, but it was a pretty terrible holiday. Dawn and I were spending our second Christmas “out east”, away from family and friends.  I was in my second year of graduate school, pastoring a little country congregation of dairy farmers and millionaires in rural New Jersey….