Ecumenical Food Pantry – February 2016

ECUMENICAL FOOD PANTRY A check for $1,168 was delivered to the Ecumenical Food Pantry in January.  It included donations from the Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service at Holy Name of Jesus Church and designated giving envelopes.  Gordon and Betsy Ousey and Elaine Alvarez help each week at the pantry providing bags of food for the needy. Many…

From the Pastor – February 2016

From the February 2016 Spire:  For two weeks in early January, my gym is filled to the brim with the resolutioners.  You know who they are?  The folks that determinedly made a New Year’s resolution of losing weight, getting fit, and working out on a regular basis.  And they keep their resolution–for two long weeks….

Pastor’s December/January Message

Christmas.  1984.  It wasn’t as bad as George Orwell’s novel, but it was a pretty terrible holiday. Dawn and I were spending our second Christmas “out east”, away from family and friends.  I was in my second year of graduate school, pastoring a little country congregation of dairy farmers and millionaires in rural New Jersey….

Ecumenical Food Pantry – Request for April 2015

  The Missions along with the Ecumenical Food Pantry is requesting canned meals (chili, beef, ravioli, corned beef, etc.) for the month of April. We will accept all unexpired contributions but each month a certain highly needed item will be requested.

Pastor’s Message – April 2015

When I was a kid, my parents made me watch Billy Graham on TV.  I think they felt, as fundamentalist Christians, conflicted about having a television in the first place, so they thought that religious programming might ameliorate their angst at owning such a pernicious tool of Satan.  I remember playing ball out in the…